Food Habits In The Holiday Season


Christmas is often that time of the year that we binge a lot simply because of all the friends and family gathered together. Besides, this is a time one should not hold back but it is also equally important to control one’s intake. On an average, people gain about 1 to 2.5kg over this holiday season!

It Begins With A Healthy Breakfast

Thankfully, you can have a healthy Christmas and not even miss out on all the goodies. To start with always have a healthy breakfast such as porridge, cereal, wholegrain bread or even English muffins. This will ensure that you do not binge at lunch.  If possible, add fruit to your breakfast and you ensure a truly healthy start to the day. Otherwise you could also add a glass of fruit juice or fruit smoothie.

Another good addition for breakfast is low-fat yoghurt or milk.

Meal Time

For starters prepare smoked salmon and a vegetable soup since both are low in calories and rather healthy too.

Moving on to the main course, thankfully Turkey is high in protein and low in fat so you can enjoy it as much as you want. But remember to take the skin off as it stores majority of the fat. You could add a side of salmon and for vegetarians go with roasted vegetables mixed with beans, seeds and nuts.

The best way to ensure health during the holiday season is to include as much vegetables as possible. You can stuff your veggies to increase the flavor. But do not over indulge on desserts, cheese and crackers or even leftovers.

Remember Christmas is a wonderful time to share stories, get closer with friends and family, eat and drink but do not forget that this is also the time of the year that most people fall off the road to a fitter healthier life.


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